American financier and writer Thomas Corley had studied rich people for five years, including a group of 177 self-made millionaires, and then systematized the knowledge gained. The result of his research became books on habits, thinking, psychology, decision-making, attitude to risk and other characteristics of rich people. Among other things, Corley studied how they earned their fortune. He found that there are three types of people who are literally programmed for success — savers, executives, and entrepreneurs, and the hardest way to build wealth is through entrepreneurship.

The Savers
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The main Savers’ features:
  • They have relatively modest needs;
  • Over the years, they have set aside at least 20% of income;
  • They receive an average salary;
  • Their incomes exceed expenses;
  • They invested their savings consistently and responsibly.

Being a Saver is the safe path to wealth accumulation, which requires sacrifice, discipline, and attention to detail in order to save, live below their means, and prudently invest.
The Executives
The second group of self-made millionaires, called Executives, had a distinguished career in large, publicly held corporations. Thanks to their hard work, self-improvement, and powerful relationship-building skills, they rose up the ladder in their companies.
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Executives have relatively higher compensation, which includes stock compensation and bonuses. This stock compensation was responsible for generating most of their wealth. It took this group about 25 years to accumulate wealth.
The Entrepreneurs
The third group, Entrepreneurs, accumulated the most wealth, averaging $7.4 million over an average of 12 years. Approximately 51% of the millionaires surveyed by Corley, earned their fortune, realizing their ambitious plans. However, this was the highest risk and hardest path towards building wealth. This was the highest risk and hardest path towards building wealth.
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34% of entrepreneurs failed at least once in business, which took a toll on their lives. It often drained them of their confidence and every setback caused them to wonder if it was all worth it. It took superhuman resilience to survive the entrepreneur's journey.

Thus, there are several completely different ways to wealth. If you do not like risk, this does not mean that you cannot become a rich man. To become a millionaire, it is important to choose one suitable path and keep it constantly. The only common feature of the three ways is time-consuming. In all cases, the wealth accumulation takes a lot of years.