. High Precision: high accuracy CNC machining service, tolerances ranging from +/-0.001-0.005"
. Rapid Turnaround: using advanced machinery and latest technology for rapid prototyping
. Custom Finishes: select from a variety of finishes on solid metal and plastic parts
What is CNC turning?
CNC turning is a machining process used to manufacture cylindrical parts, where the cutting tool describes the spiral tool path by moving more or less linearly as the workpiece rotates.
The axis of motion of the tool can actually be a straight line, or it can follow a set of curves or angles, but they are basically linear.
Usually using a lathe for turning will reduce the diameter of the workpiece and produce a smooth part finish.
The advanced CNC turning center can also perform various milling and drilling operations.
Applications of CNC machining
CNC machining is essential in many industries such as aerospace, automotive, energy, industrial machinery and medical, etc.
These machines are also critical to other manufacturing processes. For example, the mold required for injection molding is CNC machined to ensure the accuracy of the mold and the plastic parts it makes.
Why Choose Our CNC Machining Rapid Prototyping
Quick Turnaround: Reply your enquiry within 24 hours, delivery your custom parts in as fast as 1 day.
Rich Experience: Our team has rich experience to handle complex and precision parts in many industries.
Advanced Equipment: The factory has a large number of equipment for processing and testing. Your parts will be processed by our advanced equipment including KOLMACH 5-axis CNC milling, FANUC 4-axis CNC machining center and automatic turning and lathing machinery, etc.Customized CNC Machining