Brief Introduction
Sindhm Glucose Test Kit blood glucose monitoring system is designed by Zhengzhou Xinde Medical Technology Co., Ltd. The compact and portable Sindhm blood glucose monitoring system is easy to use, and comes out the test results in only 5 seconds.
In addition, the meter is able to store up to 450 test records with respective dates and times automatically which allows you to monitor your diabetic program efficiently.
Glucose Test Kit Product Components
Please verify that the contents of the Glucose Test Kit are complete. If you find any missing content, please contact your local authorized dealer for assistance.
ItemNameQuantity (Set)
1.blood glucose meterOne
2.blood glucose test strip50 pieces
3.Lancing deviceOne
4.Lancets50 pieces
5.Owner's manualOne
6.Carrying caseOne
Product Specification
The Sindhm glucose test kit blood glucose monitoring system has been tested to meet the following standards锛欼EC 61010-1, IEC 61010-2-101, IEC 61326, and EN ISO 15197.
Sindhm glucose test kit blood glucose monitoring system specifications (Model: XD-20G100)
Storage/Transport conditionsTemperature 锛?-20掳C~5掳C (-4掳F~122掳F)
Memory capacity450 test results with respective dates and times
Measurement unitmg/dL or mmol/L
Reaction time5 seconds
Meter dimensions96(L)脳57(W) 脳 17(H) mm
Meter weight52 g (with battery)
Measuring range20 ~ 600 mg/dL (1.1 ~ 33.3 mmol/L)
Power supplyOne3V CR2032
Battery lifetimeOver 1,000 tests
Power saving modeAutomatic turn off after 3 minutes of no use
Sindhm glucose test kit test strip specifications (Model: XD-20G100)
Storage/Transport conditionsTemperature: 4掳C~40掳C ( 39.2掳F~104掳F )
Humidity锛?R.H. 鈮?55%
Strip size33(L) 脳 6(W) 脳 0.6(H) mm
Enzyme kindGlucose Dehydrogenases
Blood volumeAt least 1.2 渭L
Expiration of test stripsTop of the box
Glucose test kit System operation conditions
Test stripsUsing the Sindhm blood glucose test strips only
Operation conditionsTemperature: 10掳C~40掳C ( 50掳F~104掳F )
Humidity: R.H.< 80%
Sample kindVenous whole blood and capillary whole blood (fingertip)
Hematocrit (HCT)0-70%
Altitude limitTo be used no higher than 10,183 feet above sea levelHigh quality Blood Glucose Meter