1. Automatic switch on / off when openning cover
2.Phone automatching when openning cover   
3.Bilateral calls 5.0    
4.Power light indicator
5.Good signal and good sound quality
What is TWS Earphone?  
TWS is the abbreviation of true wireless stereo, which means real wireless stereo. TWS technology is also based on the development of Bluetooth chip technology. According to its working principle, it means that the mobile phone connects the main earphone, and then the main earphone quickly connects the secondary earphone through wireless way, so as to realize the real wireless separation of Bluetooth left and right channels. When the slave speaker is not connected, the master speaker returns to mono quality. TWS technology has been applied to the field of Bluetooth headset, so it also gives birth to a new product - TWS Bluetooth headset.
To trace its development, we have to start with apple. After the cancellation of the 3.5mm jack of the iPhone 7 in 2017, the Bluetooth headset market has developed rapidly. Of course, the Bluetooth headset technology and products have also developed for many years, among which the products and quality are also uneven, and the industry is in chaos. Until Apple first released the world's first TWS Bluetooth headset airpods, which supports Apple's many ecological products (iPhone, iPad, Iwatch, macbook), built-in optical sensors and accelerometers. Double click the wireless headset to access Siri. The headset can also reduce noise, filter noise and ensure sound quality during a call. At the same time, with the development of AI at home and abroad, TWS technology, with the help of AI, takes the fast train of "intelligent" era. From then on, Bluetooth headset has launched a new vitality.
1銆?Truly wireless for one or two ears
TWS Bluetooth earphone does not need wired connection, which breaks away from the bondage of traditional earphone wired; the left and right two earphones form a stereo system through Bluetooth, which improves listening to songs, talking and wearing. If we add professional acoustic pickup technology, intelligent noise reduction technology AI algorithm noise reduction technology and so on, we can achieve a perfect sound experience: ear voice, video call, music enjoyment, mountain climbing and running, safe driving and so on.
2銆?Intelligent noise reduction function
From the product point of view, noise reduction is an essential technology. Audio and video experience is the most concerned by users on TWS headphones Make complaints about the headset, we can design the application scenarios of products, but we can't guarantee that users have been using your products in the scenes you designed. When we dig deep into some products of the industry, we find that many users are too noisy to make complaints about outdoor noise. For example, a product of SONY has been tucking away. The BES50XS series of overseas and overseas airports can not hear the voice transmitted from earphones. When we measured qcy on and off the subway station, we directly broke the point. These poor user experience greatly reduced the product price.
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