Measurement Procedure
1. When wearing blood pressure tester cuff, make certain that the lower edge of the cuff lies approximately 2 to 3 cm above the elbow and the rubber tube leaves of the cuff on the inner side of the arm.
2. The cuff should be snug on your upper arm, so that you can fit 2 fingers between the cuff and your upper arm.
3. Lay your arm on a table (palm upwards ) so that the cuff is at the same height as the heart, do not bend the tube.
1. Measuring time: After getting up/before going to bed
2. Measurement environment: An environment that make people feel comfortable
3. Measuring position: Keep the same position for each measurement
4. Measurement process: Relax, quiet, don't move
Blood Pressure Tester Parameters
Model No.Arm Blood Pressure Monitor NX-8500
WeightApprox. 0.725卤0.005kg (exclude battery)
DisplayLED display
Display Size45mm*65mm
Measuring MethodOscillometric Measurement
Cuff Size22~32cm
Measurement RangePressure: 0-290mmHg(0-38.66kPa)
Pulse: 40-199/min
AccuracyPressure: 卤3mmHg/卤0.4kPa
Pulse: 卤5%
Operating Condition(Temperature)5鈩?40鈩?(Relative Humidity)15%-85%;(Pressure )70-106kPa
Transport and Storage Condition(Temperature)0鈩儈+55鈩? (Relative Humidity)10%~93%; (Pressure )70-106kPa
Power Supply3.7V 800mA lithium battery
Packing1 pc in a color box
Color Box Size242mm*190mm*75mmHousehold Blood Pressure Monitor suppliers